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Group Structure

Keegor Group

After 57 years of successful business, Leonard Light Industries (Pty) Ltd has grown into the Keegor Group of companies. The reasons for the establishment of Keegor Group (Pty) Ltd are numerous, but mainly to serve the needs of all our clients in a more specific way and to structure future growth in a defined and strategic way.

Keegor South Africa

Keegor South Africa (Pty) Ltd was rolled out in the first quarter of 2016. This channel will service the South African client base, catering to the specific needs required by local clients. The separation allows a more structured focus for both local and export markets from their respective entities. Servicing will operate from the same premises with a natural overlap of resources between companies within the group, in a defined and structured manner.

Keegor Leonard Light Industries

Leonard Light Industries (Pty) Ltd continues to service export clients. The target market remains the Precious Metals, Assaying and Refining / Smelting Industries across the globe, offering the same range of products and services that has been supplied historically. The roll-out of Keegor South Africa (Pty) Ltd in the first quarter of 2016, has enabled Leonard Light Industries (Pty) Ltd to dedicate higher focus towards export clients.

Keegor Meltech

Keegor Meltech (Pty) Ltd has been added to the group as a new trading arm, specifically aimed at servicing the Foundry Industry. Meltech has been awarded (effective 1 December 2015) the Sub-Saharan distribution agency for the Morgan MMS range of crucibles and foundry products, being a huge advantage for the group as a whole. The Morgan MMS products are also distributed through the other entities within the group.